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Tesoro Compadre


4.7 average, based on 3 reviews

The Tesoro COMPADRE was designed with the idea that less is more.
This modest machine can do a lot of the same things it's big brothers can do.
It works great for coin, competition and relic hunting and it does it without any excessive knobs.
Switch on the detector and you're working in a silent search, motion all metal mode.
The further you turn the knob the more discrimination you have.
The COMPADRE has it all.
One knob simplicity for the beginner with high gain circuitry and the famous
Tesoro ED-180 discrimination for the advanced user.
If one detector can do all this then maybe less is more.

Designed for all ages - VLF 12KHz Frequency - Silent Search - All Metal & Disc modes
Lightweight design - Built in mineral rejection - One drop-in 9 volt battery - Easy to use
7" 2D Searchcoil


Price includes Coil Cover, Battery & UK delivery

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.7

Great little machine

I bought this detector for my 9 year old daughter to come detecting me after a miserable experience with a Quest Q20 I bought her last year. Detector arived and I was well please with the quality and extreme lightness of the machine with the 8” polo coil. It can be used by adult or child as the stem adjustment allows the length to be set of whatever’ the height of the operator so goes small enough for my girl to swing no problems. I took her out to a woodland where I used to play as a kid (35 years ago) building dens,I knew our den tree was still there and still used by the younger generations as a hideout. The ground below the tree is littered with nails from years of den building and I thought there must be coins and stuff mixed in there somewhere. Set the discrimination to iron and off we went, small nails were silent, larger ones were a slight click or crackle but wow first clear 2 way signal an old 2p at 4” deep. That was it she was hooked and still there an hour and a half later she had 14 coins on her first time out with her new machine. This detector may look like a toy to many but its ability to sniff coins out as it did in this area would have put many machines to shame and a few unusable. I have also tested it on cut half hammered and tiny targets near iron and it can hit them no problems. I am amazed how good this little workhorse is and would recommend it to anyone wanting a simple turn on and go machine that can be enjoyed by the full family. (28 Jan 2019, 20:53)

I like it

I like its lightweight build. It is compact and simple to use. (05 Oct 2015, 18:11)

Only one thing I have failed to find with my Compadre ...

... and that is: something to complain about. I've detected with it on my favourite types of sites, where hammered coins await determined searchers; and the Compadre has proved by its performance to be one of the most consistently successful in the Tesoro range. I never go detecting without it and my copy of Seaby's Coins of England. The pages covering all reigns from Plantagenet to Tudor are somewhat dog-eared ... and the paper wear is all down to my Compadre and its unfailing ability to find the sort of coins I thrive on recovering. Ted Fletcher ... a long-term lover of the hobby. ()
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