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Metal Detector Modifications

Pentechnic can offer a range of Modifications to improve your detector.
Not all models can benefit but here are some examples.

Laser Trident I & Trident II Frequency Modification
This mod increases the search frequency from 14KHz to 18KHz
Higher search frequencies can improve sensitivity to smaller targets and improve iron rejection when compared to lower ones.
(Also available for the Cibola and Vaquero - please call)

Fixed/Adjustable Ground Cancel
Some Tesoro models have a front panel ground control for the operator to manually adjust.
There can be occasions when a user may find it difficult to correctly adjust this control
or maybe you just want to switch on and start searching immediately.
This modification will give you the choice.
Fixed for ease of use...or...Adjustable for maximum performance.

Frequency Shift Switch
Laser and Tesoro detectors use a selection of frequencies to reduce 'crosstalk'.
If you search with a companion who uses the same model there can be interference.
This modification can be fitted to most models and gives a choice of two frequency shifts in addition to the base frequency to minimize this effect.
This feature is particularly useful if you go to rallies or club digs.

Drop in Battery System
This is suitable for all Laser & Tesoro Detectors that have
 2 battery holders each with 4 pencell batteries.
 The Battery leads are removed and a contact circuit board is fitted.
 The Battery Holders can then be dropped in without any tangled wires-It's easy.
 The Modification also includes new screw fittings for the
 Battery Compartment Door, which hold everything firmly in place.

Laser / Tesoro Dust & Dirt Seal
Many Detector faults are caused by Rainwater/Dirt entering the machine
and a fully sealed Detector can cost a lot more than a standard one.
Pentechnic can offer a Dust & Dirt Seal upgrade for all Laser & Tesoro models.
Seals are fitted to the Front Panel/Speaker/Switches & Headphone socket to
prevent dirt or moisture from entering the front of your Detector.

  Modifications by Pentechnic do not affect your Warranty  

If you want to know more about these, or any of our other services please Contact Us

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